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Outlanders Project Breakdown

Concept Behind The Album ---------------------------------------------
This project has been in development since August and has undergone several transformations. I finally decided that I wanted to make a project about, relatable experiences as one of my associates said, is what I'm good at. When I think of Outlanders, I think of the people who have ever felt alienated or treated differently because of how they behave differently than others and that pretty sums up my life. Even in the midst of people nowadays, sometimes, I feel as if no one understands me, or what I'm going through. I'm not even going to front. I'm an emotionally complex guy. But I'm thankful to God that I am that way because I wouldn't be able to express the way I feel, in music you know? But I really hope you guys enjoy the project - JTBS

Tracks Meanings ------------------------------------------------------------
I will try to explain the concepts behind each tracks as best I can because most of them correlate with one another. (Please note that nothing on this project is fictional and actually does come from my life).

Dear Jerome - Okay, so Jerome is actually not a person but a journal that I occasionally write in when I feel some type of way so I don't have to keep my feelings to myself if that makes sense. Sometimes I feel as if he is a friend of mine who I can talk to and I don't have to be scared of him not understanding me or anything.

The Origin Story - This track is pretty self explanatory. Everything that I explain is actually true and it is part of the reason why I kinda act distant towards people.

Love Calls Me - This track pretty much explains how I felt about the first girl I ever truly, liked more than a friend. I was so happy to have her in my life but I wasn't ready for the call.

Voicemail - Self explanatory. It really is.

Water - After I got that voicemail, I didn't feel bad in the moment but as the days went on, I truly felt heartbroken for almost a week or two. It was hard for me cause I never truly loved another person the way I did and that left a negative impact on me but mostly because I let it.

Black Dreams - All right I'm going to try my best to explain this. The concept behind black dreams is basically nightmares or daydreams about each of the qualities that is mentioned on the track. It is my belief that these concepts don't actually form the shade of black but they make up nightmares, bad dreams, or whatever you want to call it and I actually do have dreams like that. I honestly don't have nightmares about every one of the qualities but sometimes I daydream about someone I know dying in front of me which could appear out of nowhere and most times it really disrupts my thought patterns.

Breakdown - As the title suggests, this actually has to do with a time I got so depressed about a lot of things in my life that I wasn't acting right. I just wasn't in the right state of mind. I was behaving normally but I wasn't doing my school work, and I avoided my friends out of anger for the longest time. It was the lowest point of my life so far and when I needed my friends the most, they weren't there which shouldn't be expected. But one girl who I rarely communicated with come through for me and give me the courage and strength I needed to get back on track so I am thankful for her being there.

The Search For Answers - Sometimes, I just sit here and wonder what I am supposed to be doing with my life. No real deep explanation there.

Meeting New People - I'm going to say that this track was dedicated to my friends that I've met doing music production. This track I believe, brings out a sense of curiosity and mystery which is true because when I first met some of the producers I know now, I was so flipping nervous, it was ridiculous but the friendships I've made with them are very close to my heart and I love all these guys and gals like family. [Major credit to Mr. Black for the original beat].

Where I Belong - This track I felt explains feeling like I belong somewhere and that place is within the music community with all my friends that are rappers and producers.

How Can I Say I Love You - This track....man. I made this track when I was really attracted to this girl during my time in high school (well I still am but whatever). Why? Well if you listen to The Visionary Lady you might understand, but one day, I am hopeful that I will met an awesome woman that truly loves me for me. Despite all my flaws and everything. I also dedicate this song to all the ladies who truly love their guys for they are too. You guys are definitely Visionary ladies. [Major credit to DCee for providing everything for this track cause I just chopped up the sample but he killed it].

The Truth Inside - This track is actually one of self-reflection. I just think about life in general and what I think of the world. I also think about dreams I have as a person to do something great for the world.

Colors - I HATE racism with a passion and I don't care what anyone says. I made this in mind after having a conversation with one of my friends about black women because he believes that they are all, "ghetto, ratchet" and that seriously ticks me off because one of my closest friends is black and she's one of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure of meeting. She is DEFINITLY A VISIONARY LADY. But growing up, I've never had a thought pattern of hating another person because of their skin color. I watch for people's personalities because I believe that defines them as a person, not the color of their skin.

The Visionary Lady - Pretty much self explanatory if you've listened to the track and read the descriptions of Colors and How Can I Say I Love You.

The Struggling Christian - Pretty self explanatory.

Evils and Spirituals - This track pretty much explains the feelings of a sinner that claims he is a Christian but still acts out against God. I'm thankful to have God in my life but I wish I could be a better Christian honestly.

My God - The Protector - As said before, I'm super thankful to God for being in my life and I feel as if that track defines what I think of God as my Protector. Someone who is strong and ready to protect everyone he loves.

Ryse Up - Outlanders Anthem - I really hope that you picked up from this project that I am a very difficult AND complex person to understand and I am ok with who I am and so I encourage anyone who has ever felt different to embrace it, roll around in the mud with it, because being different is awesome and don't let nobody tell you different. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE OUTLANDERS PROJECT.


released December 31, 2013

The Search For Answers contains an excerpt from the song [Obliviate] from the movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1".

Meeting New People contains an excerpt from the song [A Brief Respite] from the video game "Final Fantasy XIII".

Where I Belong contains an excerpt from the video game "Shenmue".

How Can I Say I Love You contains an excerpt from the song [Beautiful] by artist "Tweet".

Colors is an original beat inspired by the song [ILLuminate] by artist "Ab-Soul".

The Struggling Christian [Part II] contains an excerpt from the song [Planet Saints] from the video game "Saints Row: The Third".

My God - The Protector contains an excerpt from the anime "DragonBall Z".

Ryse Up - Outlanders Anthem [Outro] contains an excerpt from the song [Breakthrough] from the video game "Soul Caliber IV".

Project Supervision: DCee | L8ye | KBlazeRSS | T.A. | FrivolousShara
Vocals: Cookie Kowa | JTBS
Cover: JTBS
Featured Producers: DCee | Mr. Black | JayJBeats | @ThatGuyBT4
Artwork: Villa

Released by ASTRO Productions | SmoothBeatsEmpire

Thank you to everyone who has supported my music and to everyone who shown me mad love during hard times. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy the heck out of this project.

Major shoutouts to Real Saint Productions, Ben Gilbert, Rah-BLo, Sparks Dynamite, Clouded Images Photography, Villa, ASTRO, Thrill Beatzz, Coffee House, AND to you, for downloading this project.



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Wishing much love and peace to you! If you have time, let this musical spaceship take you on a journey!

Any questions? Email me at jazzwithjtbs@gmail.com

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